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Issue with my version of guix

From: Laura Lazzati
Subject: Issue with my version of guix
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2019 12:25:41 -0300

Hi Guix!

i have an issue with my guix version. It seems to have not been
upgraded to guix 0.16.0, even I have the new commands.

This is the output of my guix --version, which shows a commit.
guix --version
guix (GNU Guix) 9d58e8819fdbc4c1c8a1ef6149e2d2376731a6a6
Copyright (C) 2019 the Guix authors

And both for installing stuff with guix package or even guix pulling,
I need to add the subsitute option for using
Otherwhise it uses the mirror from hydra.

Do you know what I am missing here?

Regards :)

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