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Packaging CDEmu and VHBA kernel module

From: Pierre Neidhardt
Subject: Packaging CDEmu and VHBA kernel module
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2019 23:48:08 +0100
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I'm down to packaging CDEmu (
which depends on its own kernel module, VHBA

I wonder how we are supposed to package this in Guix.

- Where to store the kernel module?
- VHBA's documentation recommends setting up some Udev rule.  Does it
  mean that it's up to the user to configure those rules so that they
  have access to VHBA and thus CDEmu?

From the documentation:

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
VHBA module provides the control character device via which communication 
between userspace and kernelspace is done. This requires both read and write 
permissions on the character device for the user running the CDEmu daemon.

Typically, the read-write permissions on the /dev/vhba_ctl are achieved by 
using udev's "uaccess" tag, by creating the following udev rule:

KERNEL=="vhba_ctl", SUBSYSTEM=="misc", TAG+="uaccess"

The rule should be stored in a .rule file in either /lib/udev/rules.d or 
/etc/udev/rules.d directory. For the "uaccess" tag to be applied properly, the 
rule must be executed before the uaccess rule. Therefore, if the uaccess rule 
is contained by /lib/udev/rules.d/70-uaccess.rules, the rule above must be 
stored in a file with number smaller than 70.
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---


Pierre Neidhardt

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