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Re: the upcoming Great Python2 Purge™

From: Konrad Hinsen
Subject: Re: the upcoming Great Python2 Purge™
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2019 17:30:32 +0100

Hi Ricardo,

>> "My channel" doesn't exist (because I haven't yet found the time to
>> figure out how to set up and manage a channel, although it's been on my
>> to-do list for a while).
> I’d be happy to assist.

Thanks! I might come back to that offer when I find at least enough time
to figure out precisely what information I might be lacking
(that's meta-lack-of-time).

>> But... how about splitting off *all* of Python 2 and everything that
>> depends on it into a separate channel, which would then be maintained
>> by a separate team?
> Currently this is not feasible, in my opinion, as a lot of packages in
> Guix still depend on Python 2 for some reason or the other.  When Python
> 2 reaches EOL, however, I think this would be a reasonable thing to do.

Sounds good, then the only remaining issue is defining a transition
protocol. What I'd like to avoid is that packages disappear one by one
from Guix and then have to be dug out one by one from Git history for
setting up a Python 2 channel.

More generally, I think it would be useful to collect in some place all
package definitions that are removed from Guix. For example, a list with
package names plus the last Guix commit that had the package.


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