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guix-video repository, final 2 weeks of Outreachy intern

From: Björn Höfling
Subject: guix-video repository, final 2 weeks of Outreachy intern
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2019 09:58:21 +0100

Hi Laura,

I'm pulling this again on guix-devel. We have only two weeks left in
this Outreachy round and Gábor and I decided to focus on two things:

1) Get the videos-repository filled up with the general tools and
Makefiles from your private repository.
2) Get as much as possible video-templates in, even if they are only
80% polished.
[3) Get the blog-post online.]

How does that sound to you?

For everybody: The guix-video repository is now created:

git clone

Though it is yet empty :-)

Concerning the repository:

0) I would prefer to have a linar history on master that is more or
less clean. What you could do is add the general scripts to the
'master', then create for each video a branch as Gábor suggested.

I would NOT MERGE them, but REBASE: If something on master changes, you
would rebase the video-branch on master (and force-push to the
repository). If that branch is more-or-less settled, you can finally do
an interactive rebase: 'git rebase -i master' if any commits can be
melted or cleaned up. Finally you can rebase master to that video-branch
and have a nice linear history. Rebase the other video-branches to your
new master.

As the development of the "general" part and the "video-specific" part
are in separate directories, there shouldn't be any merge conflicts.

1) In the end, in this guix-video repository there should be both the
general framework things (i.e. the Makefile, the script tool, the
general README, and maybe some other things). These should be generally
usable, nothing video-specific should be there.

Then there should be for each video a sub-directory, something like


2) Currently, I see that you adapt the Makefile for each video (taking
the wip-dailyUse branch as an example).

There you define the variables for the video in the Makefile:

########################## VARIABLES ###

As Ricardo pointed out around FOSDEM, it really would be better to have
the Makefile generic and then in each video's directory
a script that would set the variables and execute it.

For example:

make -f ../Makefile LOCALE_LANG=en_US Target=videoNonCli ...

Would that make sense? Is this possible with little effort and few time left?

What help do you need, for example with the scripts/Makefiles?


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