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Re: CDN Test Results - Should We Continue Using a CDN?

From: mikadoZero
Subject: Re: CDN Test Results - Should We Continue Using a CDN?
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2019 11:16:21 -0400
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Chris Marusich writes:

> Since the test has concluded, we are not currently using a CDN.  Going
> forward, we need to decide if we want to continue to use a CDN.

In "14.4.1 Software Freedom" of the Guix manual it says that Guix is free
software and follows the free software distribution guidelines.

Is using a proprietary non free CDN as a core part of Guix's
infrastructure in conflict with Guix's software freedom?

Using a proprietary CDN has the potential for an unplanned increase in
workload.  This is because of the combination of vendor lock in and 
product line discontinuation.  Which could create unplanned rework of
setting up a CDN elsewhere.  This hinders Guix's resource planning by
introducing the potential for surprise rework.

Are there any free software content delivery networks?

> One of the reasons why we wanted to use a CDN in the first place was to
> free up resources so that the community could spend more time working on
> better solutions.  For example, some people have expressed an interest
> in a distributed or peer-to-peer substitute mechanism using IPFS or
> GNUnet.  In fact, Ludo paved the way for this by submitting patches to
> distribute substitutes over IPFS:
> However, it seems his work hasn't succeeded in exciting people enough to
> carry the momentum forward.  We need more people who are interested in
> this and can work on it!  Otherwise, it may never become a reality.  So
> if you care about distributed or peer-to-peer substitutes, please help!

This is interesting.  Peer-to-peer substitutes using free software is
well aligned with Guix as a free software project.  I would want to use
this method if it was available.

Has there been any progress on this since the end of that thread?

Any guesses about how difficult this may be to complete and how much
work might be required?

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