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Re: Improve package search

From: Leo Famulari
Subject: Re: Improve package search
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2019 16:49:41 -0400
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On Thu, Mar 14, 2019 at 02:31:36PM -0400, mikadoZero wrote:
> # Proposed idea
> * Add a "programs" field to package definitions that list the programs
>   that are included in a package. 
> * Include this field in search results.
> * Have this field factor into the search result relevance scores.

> # Feedback
> This is an initial idea that would benefit from the input of others.

For me, it would be better to have this "program listing" built
automatically, rather than relying on packagers to get it right and keep
it up to date. It would be a great feature once it is in place.

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