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Re: Video narration

From: Laura Lazzati
Subject: Re: Video narration
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2019 11:27:17 -0300

Hi Paul!

> This generates 03-help.webm which I can play with Parole, for example.
> Very nice work!
Thank you and great! We have another player that plays our videos fine :)

> I can see that there is an 'audios' subdirectory with one audio file
> per svg file.  So my task, if I understand correctly, is to move
> 'audios' to 'audios_laura' and create a new 'audios' subdirectory with
> new audio files and then re-build.
Exactly, The makefile will look for each audio in an audios subdir, so
moving my audios subdir to audios_laura or will make it look for your
audios instead of mine's. And Sth important is to have them named
1.mp3 (or the format that is better), 2.mp3 so that it matches the
slide name.
> On the question of total speaking time, 03-help.webm is about 4 minutes
> long.  There are six videos, so is 6x4=24mins a reasonable estimate of
> the total speaking time?
You mean the timing of the total number of final vidoes, right?  I
still have to upload the last part of the last one, will test sth and
do it in a minute.
But most videos are about 3-4 minutes length. So your estimate time
should be right. In fact you will see that some of them have the
number of video duplicated because if not they would last too long.
> Also, are the transcripts available for all the videos?  I will need
> these before I go in to do the recordings.
Yes :) if you go, to videos/<videoName>/, ie videos/03-help/ you
should find a file named transcriptHelp.txt with which is said. If
not, let me know because these transcripts should appear for each

Regards :)

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