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Feature requests

From: Joshua Marshall
Subject: Feature requests
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2019 13:47:19 -0400

Hello all,

I was told in IRC to post my possibly unreasonable feature requests here.

I've been thinking more on what Guix might be able to do, and what would make it more useful for a few of my past jobs.  I'd like to see it take on the ability to have a per-installation target cgroup, network namespace, and filesystem chroot settings set with defaults which are overridable at invocation.  In this way, a user could install and use packages with mutually incompatible dependencies (I talked about this with a few people on IRC) like what happens with python.  If this kind of functionality were added, it would largely supplant Docker, virtualenv, pip, poetry, apk, pacman, and probably a few other tools at my company which are there just to handle this kind of frailness.  From this, I could also see an entry point to adding build module support to start to replace tools like Make, CMake, Meson, Bazel, and so on.

These expand the scope of Guix quite a bit, but I think these are needed for it to really feel logically complete.  Does all this make sense?

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