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Re: Video narration

From: Laura Lazzati
Subject: Re: Video narration
Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2019 15:52:15 -0300

Hi :)

Sorry Gábor for not asking all of you, noticed were ccd's after
sending the mail. Miss having both of you as mentors :/

> I believe if the timing is not disturbed to much by this, then the narration 
> and
> fixing the video can go on in parallel. Wdyt?
It's true, they are separate things.
I would like to have the final transcripts to work on the audios of
the CLI videos, they really take time and sometimes I have to adjust
the input file timings, and that kind of stuff. And I guess Paul
mentioned that was going to record them this week. They are really
handmade, that was why I was asking maybe what to see first.
Then, maybe even other people of the community that might be
interested in the videos, could join us to see what is going wrong,
suggest ideas, and so on. Like Paul that offered their voice. WDYT?

Regards :)

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