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Re: 07/07: services: console-keymap: Deprecate.

From: Alex Kost
Subject: Re: 07/07: services: console-keymap: Deprecate.
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2019 22:04:18 +0300
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Ludovic Courtès (2019-04-07 18:24 +0200) wrote:

> As you found out, this is deprecated in favor of ‘keyboard-layout’,
> which has a couple of advantages: it’s uniform (the same config works
> for GRUB, Linux, and Xorg), and it’s installed from the initrd, so
> already effective when you type in your passphrase (see
> <>).
> ‘keyboard-layout’ definitely works for what you describe, Mark (see the
> examples in the manual.)
> If you do fancy things with Linux-native keymap files, Alex, it’s
> probably not for you.  In that case you do need
> ‘console-keymap-service’.

The fancy thing I do is simply loading my own keymap file, like this:

  (console-keymap-service (local-file ".../"))

If I understand correctly, ‘keyboard-layout’ does not allow me to do
this, right?

> However, I was thinking that we probably want to steer users towards the
> ‘keyboard-layout’ mechanism so they don’t experience the inconsistencies
> we had before.  That’s why I deprecated ‘console-keymap-service’.  I’d
> argue that keymap experts won’t have difficulties coming up with a
> ‘console-keymap-service’ if they need it.

Sure, it's not a problem for me to add ‘console-keymap-service’ to my
config, I was just surprised that some feature was removed
("deprecating" means "removing sooner or later", right?) without
replacing it with equivalent functionality (as I see it).


Please do whatever seems appropriate to you.  I just think that keyboard
layouts for grub, tty and X server are completely unrelated settings,
and I don't like when such unrelated configurations are combined just to
become more "user-friendly".


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