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Re: guile-bash updated source url

From: david . larsson
Subject: Re: guile-bash updated source url
Date: Sat, 11 May 2019 18:08:55 +0200 (CEST)

On Wed, 8 May 2019, Mark H Weaver wrote:

FYI, David might not have seen my reply below, because my mail server is
unable to perform DNS lookups for his domain, and thus is unable to look
up the MX record to deliver mail to him.  I'm not yet sure what's going
wrong, maybe something in my firewall configuration.



Im not sure why, I do make some scheduled blocklist-updates and resets
around midnight which could have led to a temporary block. (Though I
think most MTA's just resends a few times before giving up so I
haven't concerned myself with this so far).

I made a commit since I was unable figure out how to create a
git-mirror from the Software Heritage website but was able to retrieve
the correct commit as a tarball. Then I guix init'ed the folder, and
made a commit in order to push it to gitlab.

Hmm.  If I understand correctly, it sounds like this will discard the
entire previous git history.  If you want to maintain this package and
host the repository yourself (as opposed to us relying on Software
Heritage), I would advocate trying again until you can properly clone
the existing repository.  We can help if needed.  It's important to get
this right now, because git history cannot be rewritten after the fact,
and it's important to preserve the existing history.

Yeah unfortunately the gitlab url I added don't have any git
history. If you can help me retrieve it from software heritage like a
git clone or so with the git version history that would be very
nice. I tried finding a way and looked at swh.scm but I couldn't
figure it out within any reasonable amount of time.

David L

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