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Fwd: GNU gettext 0.20.1 released

From: Tobias Geerinckx-Rice
Subject: Fwd: GNU gettext 0.20.1 released
Date: Mon, 13 May 2019 23:10:49 +0200


Wow. Thank you for this great summary! Would that all projects published such clear (and custom) release notes… <3

I see that gnu/packages/gettext.scm has a nice chronological list of copyright lines, which does make it appear as if I'm the current packager of gettext in Guix. However, the Guix project doesn't have this notion of (package) maintainer: everyone packages, fixes, and updates what they can whenever they can. This might change in future but it works rather well now.

For that reason, I'm CC'ing the address@hidden list. I encourage you to add it to your own for future releases.

I'm having some trouble with the actual upgrade but I'll save that for a reply.

Thanks again,


[Original message:]

Available at

New in 0.20.1:

* Important bug fix:
 - Fixed a wrong shared library versioning of

New in 0.20:

* Libtextstyle:
- This package installs a new library 'libtextstyle', together with a new header file <textstyle.h>. It is a library for styling text output sent
   to a console or terminal emulator.
Packagers: please see the suggested packaging hints in the file PACKAGING.

* Support for reproducible builds:
- msgfmt now eliminates the POT-Creation-Date header field from .mo files.

* Improvements for translators:
- update-po target in now uses msgmerge --previous.

* Improvements for maintainers:
- msgmerge now has an option --for-msgfmt, that produces a PO file meant for use by msgfmt only. This option saves processing time, in particular by omitting fuzzy matching that is not useful in this situation. - The .pot file in a 'po' directory is now erased by "make maintainer-clean". - It is now possible to override xgettext options from the po/
   through options in XGETTEXT_OPTIONS (declared in po/Makevars).
- The --intl option of the gettextize program (deprecated since 2010) is no longer available. Instead of including the intl sources in your package, we suggest making the libintl library an optional prerequisite of your
   package. This will simplify the build system of your package.
- Accordingly, the Autoconf macro AM_GNU_GETTEXT_INTL_SUBDIR is gone as well.

* Programming languages support:
 - C, C++:
xgettext now supports strings in u8"..." syntax, as specified in C11
   and C++11.
 - C, C++:
xgettext now supports 'p'/'P' exponent markers in number tokens, as
   specified in C99 and C++17.
 - C++:
   xgettext now supports underscores in number tokens.
 - C++:
xgettext now supports single-quotes in number tokens, as specified in
 - Shell:
o The programs 'gettext', 'ngettext' now support a --context argument. o contains new function eval_pgettext and eval_npgettext
     for producing translations of messages with context.
 - Java:
o xgettext now supports UTF-8 encoded .properties files (a new feature
     of Java 9).
o The build system and tools now support Java 9, 10, and 11. On the other hand, support for old versions of Java (Java 5 and older,
     GCJ 4.2.x and older) has been dropped.
 - Perl:
o Native support for context functions (pgettext, dpgettext, dcpgettext,
     npgettext, dnpgettext, dcnpgettext).
o better detection of question mark and slash as operators (as opposed to regular expression delimiters).
 - Scheme:
xgettext now parses the syntax for specialized byte vectors (#u8(...),
   #vu8(...), etc.) correctly.
 - Pascal:
xgettext can now extract strings from .rsj files, produced by the
   Free Pascal compiler version 3.0.0 or newer.
 - Vala:
xgettext now parses escape sequences in strings more accurately.
 - JavaScript:
   xgettext now parses template literals correctly.

* Runtime behaviour:
- The interpretation of the language preferences on macOS has been fixed.
 - Per-thread locales are now also supported on Solaris 11.4.
- The replacements for the printf()/fprintf()/... functions that are provided through <libintl.h> on native Windows and NetBSD are now POSIX compliant. There is no conflict any more between these replacements
   and other possible replacements provided by gnulib or mingw.

According to [1], you seem to be packaging gettext for Guix/GuixSD.

I invite you to upgrade to version 0.20.1.

The packaging will need changes, regarding the new libtextstyle; I recommend
to package it as a separate binary package (see file PACKAGING).

When doing this upgrade, you can drop the following workarounds:
- test-lock now never hangs any more.
- expat is not longer used (already since 0.19.7).

Best regards,



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