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Re: Crosscompiling C++ for powerpc64le fails

From: Danny Milosavljevic
Subject: Re: Crosscompiling C++ for powerpc64le fails
Date: Tue, 28 May 2019 20:31:51 +0200

Hi Tobias,

On Tue, 28 May 2019 18:07:02 +0200
Tobias Platen <address@hidden> wrote:

> Im trying to cross compile basic GNU software such as bash and coreutils
> for powerpc.
> When building mpfr the build fails using the message above. I guess I
> have to specify the include paths for glibc to the configure script,
> since headers won't be found in /usr/include

We have a special Guix-specific patch for gcc which makes it heed these
environment variables:


Try printing and/or setting those.

gnu/packages/cross-base.scm already contains a SEARCH-PATHS form in CROSS-GCC
which sets up the environment variables CROSS_LIBRARY_PATH,
CROSS_OBJCPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH, so it should have worked--but didn't.

That still leaves the libc.  Not sure how it gets included in the environment
variables above.

See gnu/packages/admin.scm's sunxi-tools for a horrible workaround that
makes it work fine.

We should probably fix this problem.

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