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Re: SELinux log

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: Re: SELinux log
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2019 08:49:58 +0200
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Laura Lazzati <address@hidden> writes:

>> That’s confusing.  Didn’t you say that you ran “guix search” before?
> I've figured out the reason. In both cases -when I create the .autorelabel
> file and reboot (so the permissive mode goes away, since I am changing it
> through the CLI) and when I don't but run `restorecon -r /` and set it to
> enforcing mode manually - guix is not found anymore. In permissive mode
> guix is found and I can use it without issues.

Throughout this experiment you should be using permissive mode.  There
is no point in using enforcing mode until the policy is fixed.

What is the file name of “guix” when running in permissive mode?  We
need to know this to adjust the policy.

> I only added/changed the lines of
> the file that you sent me here.

It would be easier if I could see a diff.


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