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'core-updates' summer 2019

From: Marius Bakke
Subject: 'core-updates' summer 2019
Date: Sun, 16 Jun 2019 11:21:55 +0200
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Ludovic Courtès <address@hidden> writes:

> Marius Bakke <address@hidden> skribis:
>> I suggest we 'freeze' core-updates next weekend and start working on
>> merging it.  It has been sitting idle for way too long already!
> +1!

The weekend is here already!  But we are still missing glibc 2.29, so I
suggest we postpone the freeze a bit.  There are also many TODOs and
XXXs that mention rebuild cycles, now is the time to fix those!

We should also update linux-libre-headers to the latest LTS while at it.
Anything else?

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