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Guix and

From: Marlin
Subject: Guix and
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2019 18:43:09 -0300
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An user approached me and recommended trying to get guix on

"You guys should contact to add guix to the list. All you need are the vmlinuz, initrd, and the kernel params. That's how i test out distros and provision all of my VMs is basically PXE over the public internet for open source OSes. You can even netboot FreeDOS.

It is good for new users, and also if you guys publish an appropriate initrd and kernel with the appropriate options it will be incentive to using your system in production.

No one really wants to provision VMs manually, so as far as i can tell any distro that is going to be deployed at scale needs to have kickstart or some other unattended install system on top of a way to be loaded over PXE.

If those requirements are satisfied, then you can get like 100s of ansible-ready machines spinning pretty fast.

CoreOS's ignition is a good example of an unattended install system. You put a http(s) url in a kernel option, the system autoconfigures from the config at that location. the config lists mounts, DNS servers, etcd secrets, and maybe most importantly trusted ssh keys"

I don't know much about this stuff myself, but it might be of interest for you.
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