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From: Alexandre Oliva
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2019 22:13:19 -0300
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I'm looking into adopting GuixSD, but I'm kind of a heavy LVM user.  I'm
also slightly concerned about support for BTRFS and LUKS, that I also
rely heavily on.

My first concern is that it's not clear to me what's meant by lack of
LVM support.  I saw patches around April-May 2015, some later
discussions, but not much that would give me much of a clue as to what's
really missing, as in, is it just that the installer doesn't know how to
create logical volumes, that the boot-up code doesn't support root on
lvm, that lvm and device-mapper packages are missing altogether, or that
device-mapper infrastructure is disabled in the kernel?

Full-disk encryption (LUKS) is also a strict requirement for me, and so
is multi-disk BTRFS.

I'm willing and somewhat available to volunteer time and effort to
contribute support for these, but I could use some mentoring in getting
started and on track towards improving what needs to be improved in ways
that are likely to be generally acceptable.

I have not used GuixSD yet, to a large extent due to the stated lack of
LVM support.  I haven't got myself into Guix either *blush*, but maybe I
could get started with it.  I suppose VMs might be a way to get started,
but...  the machines I use are not very powerful, as in, laptops old
enough as to support LibreBoot, so I haven't used virtualization much

Thanks in advance for any guidance.  I'm lxo on IRC.

Alexandre Oliva, freedom fighter  he/him
Be the change, be Free!                 FSF Latin America board member
GNU Toolchain Engineer                        Free Software Evangelist
Hay que enGNUrecerse, pero sin perder la terGNUra jamás - Che GNUevara

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