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Re: Guix beyond 1.0: let’s have a roadmap!

From: Christopher Lemmer Webber
Subject: Re: Guix beyond 1.0: let’s have a roadmap!
Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2019 09:28:02 -0400
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Ludovic Courtès writes:

> * UI/UX
> ** TODO grafts and profile hooks run as “build continuations” 
> <>
> ** TODO ‘package-derivation’ made faster
> ** TODO (gnu installer) UI can be used to edit config.scm
> ** TODO ‘guix system status’ shows info about the current status

I'd like to add "a GTK based GUI for managing packages and system
upgrades".  Something like Synaptic in Debian.  I think this could help
increase our userbase quite a bit.

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