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Re: Rust = bust?

From: Tobias Geerinckx-Rice
Subject: Re: Rust = bust?
Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2019 21:32:31 +0200


swedebugia wrote:
-> "dependency failed"

What does that mean?

What is going on?

That a package (well, derivation) upon which rust@1.30.1 depends failed to build.

I'm almost certain that Cuirass doesn't currently track dependency information the way it eventually should, which would mean there's no way to find out *which* dependency failed. The only way to find out would be build rust@1.30.1 yourself and see what fails before you get to it. If you do get to it, you managed to build something that ci.guix didn't and you should feel proud.

I logged into my substitute server to find out more, but: ~ λ guix describe
 Generation 109  Jun 30 2019 21:11:58    (current)
   guix a3d1a34
     repository URL:
     branch: master
     commit: a3d1a3487a34820d2a0b3d5e6206e4df1c77c15c ~ λ guix build rust@1.30.1

Looks like I already built the entire rust chain successfully. (?)

You're welcome to give my substitute server at https://guix.<my domain name> a try (more info at that URL). I'd be interested in both success and failure. :-)

Also could somebody tell me how to shut off the tests if I choose to
build them myself?

Edit the package definition to add ‘#:tests? #f’ to the arguments field. This will change the derivation and all that depend on it (so you won't get substitutes for anything that depends on your untested rust fork).

Kind regards,


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