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Re: Suggest another way of importing GNU Guix GPG key

From: Leo Famulari
Subject: Re: Suggest another way of importing GNU Guix GPG key
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2019 11:54:17 -0400
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On Sun, Jun 30, 2019 at 11:44:04AM +0200, Giovanni Biscuolo wrote:
> This means we should quckly patch Guix manual: I've no time to propose a
> patch today, I'll work on this tomorrow
> We also nees to address this for **all** guix contributors: we require a
> GPG signed commit, so each and every contributor/developer should
> understand the risks of using SKS network and apply current proposed
> workarounds: can we state this in maintenance.git/HACKING?
> We sould act qulckly, IMHO

This is also being discussed privately with the Guix maintainers. I
expect to push an update for the manual and HACKING today.

PGP signatures in the context of `guix refresh` will become worse than
useless without either 1) changes in upstream GnuPG or 2) if the key
holders personally upload their keys to <>. We might
need to remove the signature verification feature entirely.

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