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Deadline security grant is August 1st.

From: Pjotr Prins
Subject: Deadline security grant is August 1st.
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2019 13:07:29 -0500
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Dear all, has small grants to work on Free and Open Source
software (up to EUR 50,000).

The overall mission of the Next Generation Internet initiative is to
re-imagine and re-engineer the internet for the third millennium and
beyond to shape a value-centric, human and inclusive society for all.
How we share and retrieve information is an essential part of that
equation. The internet can and should bring out the best in all of us.
It should enable human potential, mobility and creativity at the
largest possible scale — while dealing responsibly with our natural
resources. Doing so is essential to preserve and expand the European
way of life. The Next Generation Internet initiative aims to mobilise
the best ideas to improve how we find and connect people, devices,
services and ideas.

You can see the list of approved projects of the previous round here:

The application takes a few hours, but read the rules carefully and
take a cue by reading the approved project proposals. They are looking
for visible projects that have impact.

You may recognise one project

which we submitted during GNU Guix days in Brussels (congrats Jan!). I
think GNU projects are a great fit because they have global impact.

This time I think we can submit a GNU Guix project and also a GNU
Hurd project if anyone here is interested in hacking on that for a
while. Feel free to ping Ludo, Jan and me if you want to give it a
shot. If you have other project ideas you can run them by us too.


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