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Re: Fixing evolution-data-server on core-updates

From: Jonathan Brielmaier
Subject: Re: Fixing evolution-data-server on core-updates
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2019 12:32:56 +0200
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So am I right in the assumption to use the patch proposed at:

Could you then prepare this patch for core-updates?

On 7/15/19 6:09 AM, Timothy Sample wrote:
> Hi all,
> While testing core-updates I found that evolution-data-server does not
> build due to test failures.  The tests fail because
> evolution-data-server does not accommodate newer versions of ICU.
> Here’s the upstream bug report [1].  I’ve attached a patch that uses
> “substitute*” to work around the problem (it’s rather simple).  I think
> we should wait to hear from upstream, and if they don’t get to it in a
> few days, use the patch.
> [1]
> -- Tim

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