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Re: Character display problem in mumi and my mail client

From: Arun Isaac
Subject: Re: Character display problem in mumi and my mail client
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2019 13:03:51 +0530

> It appears that mumi (or at least the instance of it running on 
> has problems displaying some non-ASCII characters. I 
> noticed it with '’'. Compare
> with

I have fixed this bug. See

guile-email's parse-email and parse-email-body functions now prefer to
operate on bytevectors, rather than on strings. Likewise, mbox->emails
now returns a list of bytevectors, not a list of strings.

I have updated the API documentation at


I think you are using a git checkout of guile-email for the mumi hosted
at Could you use the latest guile-email commit on
master (specifically, c85e6917ea21631857d93f58e60d910e07317131)? That
should fix this bug. No other changes are required in mumi. I will
release guile-email 0.2.0 in another week's time.

> This reminds me of rjbs's talk, "Email Hates the Living". [0]
> [0]

Indeed, email drags along a lot of backward compatibility baggage from
the past. In the future, I'll add some of the pathological examples
mentioned in this talk as test cases.

Also, if you know of any corpus of email parser test cases, please let
me know. I will use them to expand guile-email's test suite.

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