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Managing user environments

From: Julien Lepiller
Subject: Managing user environments
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2019 17:13:56 +0200
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Hi Guix!

A few months ago, I created a new channel called the guix home manager whose 
purpose is to allow to manage user environments in a similar way to services.

The channel is about managing dotfiles. I think configuration should be managed 
in a stateless fashion, and that's what guix is good at. Ricardo encouraged me 
today to thare it and maybe work on integrating it in Guix proper. What do you 

You can find the current code here:

This channel currently works by building a guix profile, so it provides 
roll-back and atomicity in general. The profile corresponds to the whole home 
directory, which makes it read-only. There are ways to "punch holes", 
especially for the XDG cache and data directories, but also for any unsupported 
application. Supported applications are configured with a record-type, like 
system services.

I still have some doubts about it, whether it's in the scope for guix or not, 
whether it actually scales, and such. Any opinion is welcome. Again, would you 
like to see it, or a modified version of it,in guix itself or should it be kept 
in a separate channel?


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