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Re: We need your feedback of the documentation videos!

From: Tobias Geerinckx-Rice
Subject: Re: We need your feedback of the documentation videos!
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2019 17:03:40 +0200


I've finally watched these videos and can only agree that they look (and sound) very nice. I watched them with the player in IceCat on a Guix System.

Laura Lazzati 写道:
Does anybody else want to say something about the videos? :)

Some things I noticed and that (I think) Ricardo hasn't mentioned yet. I know video is a lot of work, sorry for suggesting more.

- 01:25 ‘The output tells us the signature is good.’
This made me chuckle: in typical GPG fashion, everything in its output implies the opposite unless you're already familiar with it. I realise it's far too late to touch the audio. Could we highlight ‘public key … imported’ after half a second or so? I don't know if the scripts allow easy highlighting of output text like that. - 01:35 and later: Our homepage has changed. Presumably as simple as running a search & replace on the repo before the videos are generated for the reals.

- 01:40 ‘we have our locales, that belong in the configuration of our system’ sounds wrong to me. Is it possible to cut after ‘locales’? Or am I misunderstanding what is meant? - 02:40 There's enough space to have the ‘user’ type something like ‘guix install foobar:gui’ while talking about outputs (without showing the result of that command).

- 0:25 ‘package/s’ needlessly caught my attention (I'd expect ‘package(s)’) but this might be a regional thing. Same for ‘latest Guix version\ninstalled’ (‘latest installed Guix version’). - 0:25 I agree that the second ‘guix pull’ looks odd (and cramped). You could replace the vertical arrow with ‘&&’ or add a ‘then’ as done in the next slide. - After dropping it, you'll have room to add ‘[regex]’ to the end of ‘guix package --upgrade’ and help combat a common misunderstanding :-) There's room even if you don't.

All videos:
- The empty line between commands and their output (but none the between the output and the next command) looks strange to me. There should either be no empty line (as in a real shell) or another one before the next command for visual clarity.

Now I need a break, because I'm that grumpy person who never watches videos for technical information.

Thank you, again,


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