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Re: Let’s merge ‘core-updates’!

From: Jelle Licht
Subject: Re: Let’s merge ‘core-updates’!
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2019 13:00:23 +0200

Ludovic Courtès <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello Guix!
> The ‘core-updates’ branch is in a good shape now, and I think we should
> go ahead and merge in the coming days!
> Please try to upgrade your system and your user profile to see if
> anything’s wrong for you (I did that a few days ago and I’m happy!).
> You can test, for example, with:
>   guix pull --branch=core-updates -p /tmp/new
>   /tmp/new/bin/guix upgrade

Building gnucash using core-updates fails:

building /gnu/store/zsx2szs631q5p6dsa03zh8x7hqgv9x9p-gnucash-3.5.drv...
\ 'configure' phasebuilder for 
`/gnu/store/zsx2szs631q5p6dsa03zh8x7hqgv9x9p-gnucash-3.5.drv' failed with exit 
code 1
build of /gnu/store/zsx2szs631q5p6dsa03zh8x7hqgv9x9p-gnucash-3.5.drv failed
View build log at 
guix upgrade: error: build of 
`/gnu/store/zsx2szs631q5p6dsa03zh8x7hqgv9x9p-gnucash-3.5.drv' failed

The specific error message is: Unknown CMake command "check_symbol_exists".
Relevant part of build log:

reconfiguring my system and upgrading the other packages in my profile
seems to work very well.

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