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Re: 'core-updates' Q4 2019

From: Miguel Arruga Vivas
Subject: Re: 'core-updates' Q4 2019
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2019 20:37:59 +0100

Hi Kei,

Kei Kebreau <address@hidden> writes:
> Update: Please check out the new wip-gnome-updates branch of the Guix
> git repository for continued updates.  The contents of the
> link given above will be changed to a notice that says to do this.

Thank you very much for this huge effort.  I've been playing with the
branch and I have a working system, both X11 with GDM and Wayland with
SDDM (I haven't tried hard enough to set up gdm with wayland as only a
change to gdm-configuration doesn't seem to have any effect) and your
branch works great on my machine, do you still have the issue during
boot?  I haven't found any (new) problem on the applications I've
tested (x86_64, normal use with almost all of the gnome applications,
not the games though.)

Nevertheless, I've been reading the patches and I have a couple of
comments about them:

 - The patch for libdazzle only changes the xorg-server, as it already
   is at version 3.33.90 in master.  It still makes sense as a patch,
   but the title indicates a version downgrade.

 - The patch for gedit contains a reference to libgd, wouldn't it be
   clearer for the reader/updater to have it defined in a let over the
   package definition and use the name in native-inputs?

 - Is there any reason to not patch-out the gtk-icon-update-cache
   invocations?  If I understand it correctly, this is performed at
   profile level, so makes no sense creating a cache at package level,
   isn't it? The patches for quadrapassel, gnome-klotski, ghex,
   gnome-sudoku, gnome-mines, five-or-more and gedit contain references
   to it.  Maybe creating a package like xorg-server-for-tests
   (perhaps 'gtk-bin-for-build'?) linked to "true" from coreutils would
   help in the long term.

As a final comment, the gnome release cycle and the amount of packages
involved is quite big, so again, thank you.

Happy hacking!

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