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Re: wip blog post: running Guix System on ARM

From: Pierre Neidhardt
Subject: Re: wip blog post: running Guix System on ARM
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2019 10:29:22 +0100

Neat, thanks for this article!

Question: how do you intend to convert the markdown to Texinfo?

Some typos / nits below:

> ### The kernel modules
> In order for Guix to be able to load the system from the initramfs, it will 
> probably need

Maybe define initramfs?  Or just link to

> to load some modules, especially to access the root file system.  In my case, 
> the SSD is
> on an ahci device, so I need a driver for it.  The kernel defines 
> `ahci_sunxi` for that


> Your own board may need other kernel modules to boot properly, however it is 
> hard to discover
> them.  Guix can tell you when a module is missing in your configuration file 
> if it is loaded
> as a module.  Most distros however build these modules in the kernel 
> directly, so Guix cannot

Maybe "distributions" unabridged?

> Also note that module names are not consistent between what Guix expects and 
> what is printed by
> dmesg, especially when the contain a "-" or a "_".  You will find the correct 
> file name by building

Word missing here: "when the contain".

> Here, I could find a file named "kernel/drivers/mmc/host/sunxi-mmc.ko", hence 
> the module
> name `sunxi-mmc`.  For the other driver, I found a 
> "kernel/drivers/ata/ahci_sunxi.ko",
> hence the name `ahci_sunxi`, even if dmesg suggested `ahci-sunxi`.

Maybe add "(notice the '_' and the '-' difference)."

> In my case, I wanted to install the system on an external SSD, while the 
> currently running
> foreign distribution was running from the SD card.  What is nice with this 
> setup is that,
> in case of real trouble (you SSD caught fire or broke), you can still boot 
> from the old

"your SSD"

> foreign system with an installed Guix and all your tools by re-flashing only 
> the bootloader.
> In this scenario, we use the foreign system as we would the installer iso, 
> using the manual

Word missing: "we would the installer iso".

Also: iso -> ISO.

> Make sure there is an empty /etc, or the new system won't boot
> properly.

Isn't this a bug in Guix?


Pierre Neidhardt

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