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Re: Move r-{desolve, quadprog, pracma, subplex} from maths.scm to cran.s

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: Re: Move r-{desolve, quadprog, pracma, subplex} from maths.scm to cran.scm
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2019 15:47:25 +0100
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Hi simon,

> The packages r-desolve, r-quadprog, r-subplex and r-pracma are defined
> in `maths.scm`. They come from the CRAN archive. For consistency, they
> should be defined in the file `cran.scm`. Do you agree to move them?

I think moving them to cran.scm is fine.  In my opinion both of these
places are similarly poor choices: maths.scm because we drag in the R
build system and dependencies, and cran.scm because it’s huge and will
only get bigger.

On the plus side, R code is rarely as “involved” as Python code, so I
don’t expect cran.scm to become as tangled up with dependencies from all
over the place as python-xyz.scm, so letting cran.scm grow is probably
just fine.

Since nobody else seems to hold any strong opinions on this issue, I’d
say you’re welcome to move these package definitions to cran.scm.
Please also update the Copyright comments at the top of the file where
needed (use “git blame” and “git log” to simplify this task) and remove
whatever spurious module imports there may be in maths.scm after
removing the R package definitions.

Thank you!


PS: I also think that CRAN things in bioinformatics.scm should be moved
to cran.scm, and even some or all of the R stuff in statistics.scm.
(Same applies to Bioconductor packages, which should end up in
bioconductor.scm where possible.)

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