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Using Cgit with Gitolite

From: pelzflorian (Florian Pelz)
Subject: Using Cgit with Gitolite
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2019 23:37:24 +0100


I am in the process of setting up a server and use Cgit with Gitolite.

I would like to add instructions to the Guix manual, but I have some

1) In order to make Cgit see my repos I need to use

(define git-group-permissions-activation
  #~(let ((dir "/var/lib/gitolite"))
      (if (file-exists? dir)
          (chmod dir #o755)
          (format #t "WARNING: ~a does not exist yet; reconfigure again!"))))

(define git-services
   (simple-service 'git-group-permissions activation-service-type

Does this have robust guarantees to always be executed after adding
the gitolite git user and its home directory?

I am also not sure if/how it should be added to the Gitolite service.
Perhaps the gitolite-service’s activation should set the permissions
of its home directory to the complement of its umask by default?

2) I also need to set Gitolite’s umask to #o0022 in order to give read
permissions to other users not in the git group.  With #o0027 Cgit
tells me “No repositories found“.  Without success I tried adding
nginx to the git group or setting the fcgiwrap group to git, but Cgit
still has no read access.  I do not understand the reason because
afterwards with `sudo -u nginx git clone file:///…` I can access the
repos but Cgit cannot.  Is this possible?  Am I doing something wrong?

3) It appears I need to add openssh-service to use Gitolite.  I
believe it should be documented in the manual.  WDYT?

I attach a minimal Guix System configuration for testing using `guix
system vm-image config.scm`.  I test with it by using NetworkManager
with dnsmasq as described in “info "(guix)Networking Services"”.

My full working config so far is at:


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