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Re: Guix mirror: sourceware discussion report

From: Tobias Geerinckx-Rice
Subject: Re: Guix mirror: sourceware discussion report
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2019 19:39:37 +0100


I've replied on IRC as well, apologies if I repeat myself.  :-)

zimoun 写道:
Currently "guix pull" from Savannah and issues can arise. As we
recently experimented. Tobias and Ricardo recently discussed how to mirror the repo. IMHO, it is a good idea to mirror but not a good idea
to locate it on Ricardo infrastructure, again. :-)

I disagree.

I think berlin is the best place to create a simple ‘main’ mirror at this point in time. It's a simple git one-liner to keep it up to date. In the extremely unlikely event that it breaks, many people can fix it. Ricardo works hard but isn't responsible for all of Berlin on his own.

Well, I propose to see if we can mirror on which are
GNU friends. ;-)

I took the liberty to contact them on IRC. See below.

What I see is: we still "guix pull" from Savannah as usual.
Then if Savannah is down, we catch the error and we try (transparently
for the user) the sourceware url.

By ‘we’, you mean the ‘guix pull’ command itself, correct?

Something akin to

   (name 'guix)
   (url (list "https://savannah…";


I'd like to see that added to the channels.scm format for selfish reasons.

However, I'd still like the first or second URL to start with ‘’. I have nothing against Sourceware, but has been pretty solid (AFAIK) and, more importantly, does not require users to trust yet another party by default.

[‘Trustable Guix pull’ rears its head again :-) …]

As a first contact, they agree on the principle. Even they ask numbers
about traffic etc. :-)

I know that about 1,000 unique IPs requested substitutes on Berlin during the month of November.

You'll have to ask Savannah for the git stats (roughly how many IPs ran ‘guix pull’), which may wildly differ (but I doubt that).



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