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Ansible and GuixOps questions

From: rchar01
Subject: Ansible and GuixOps questions
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2019 11:57:02 +0000


Probably many admins / DevOps are heavily using Ansible. I also use this solution to configure systems and services (on Debian and CentOS).
I would like to transfer infrastructure to the Guix System and some questions arose:

- is there any way to combine Ansible and GuixOps?
- is there any way to continue using Ansible to configure Guix (some in guile script and some in ansible)?
- would it be possible to generate a guile script (for GuixOps) from Ansible?
- would it be possible to change the Ansible to talk to the Guix (or GuixOps) system?

Rewriting to Guile (Guix config files):
* Against:
** time consuming
** may require new skills
** only for Guix, Ansible can configure other GNU / Linux systems
* What might the benefits be?

Such integration would probably help to transfer from other systems to Guix and enlarge the community.
What do you think?


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