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Re: Tk 8.6.10 cross-compilation.

From: Marius Bakke
Subject: Re: Tk 8.6.10 cross-compilation.
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2019 21:24:32 +0100
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Mathieu Othacehe <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello Marius,
> Since the update of Tk to 8.6.10 in core-updates, I have the following error 
> when
> cross-compiling for aarch64:
> --8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
> aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc -O2  -pipe    -Wl,--export-dynamic  -shared -o 
> tk3d.o tkArgv.o tkAtom.o tkBind.o tkBitmap.o tkBusy.o 
> tkClipboard.o tkCmds.o tkColor.o tkConfig.o tkConsole.o tkCursor.o tkError.o 
> tkEvent.o tkFocus.o tkFont.o tkGet.o tkGC.o tkGeometry.o tkGrab.o tkGrid.o 
> tkMain.o tkObj.o tkOldConfig.o tkOption.o tkPack.o tkPlace.o tkSelect.o 
> tkStyle.o tkUndo.o tkUtil.o tkVisual.o tkWindow.o tkButton.o tkEntry.o 
> tkFrame.o tkListbox.o tkMenu.o tkMenubutton.o tkMenuDraw.o tkMessage.o 
> tkPanedWindow.o tkScale.o tkScrollbar.o tkCanvas.o tkCanvArc.o tkCanvBmap.o 
> tkCanvImg.o tkCanvLine.o tkCanvPoly.o tkCanvPs.o tkCanvText.o tkCanvUtil.o 
> tkCanvWind.o tkRectOval.o tkTrig.o tkImage.o tkImgBmap.o tkImgGIF.o 
> tkImgPNG.o tkImgPPM.o tkImgPhoto.o tkImgPhInstance.o tkText.o tkTextBTree.o 
> tkTextDisp.o tkTextImage.o tkTextIndex.o tkTextMark.o tkTextTag.o 
> tkTextWind.o tkStubInit.o ttkBlink.o ttkButton.o ttkCache.o ttkClamTheme.o 
> ttkClassicTheme.o ttkDefaultTheme.o ttkElements.o ttkEntry.o ttkFrame.o 
> ttkImage.o ttkInit.o ttkLabel.o ttkLayout.o ttkManager.o ttkNotebook.o 
> ttkPanedwindow.o ttkProgress.o ttkScale.o ttkScrollbar.o ttkScroll.o 
> ttkSeparator.o ttkSquare.o ttkState.o ttkTagSet.o ttkTheme.o ttkTrace.o 
> ttkTrack.o ttkTreeview.o ttkWidget.o ttkStubInit.o tkUnix.o tkUnix3d.o 
> tkUnixButton.o tkUnixColor.o tkUnixConfig.o tkUnixCursor.o tkUnixDraw.o 
> tkUnixEmbed.o tkUnixEvent.o tkUnixFocus.o  tkUnixFont.o tkUnixInit.o 
> tkUnixKey.o tkUnixMenu.o tkUnixMenubu.o tkUnixScale.o tkUnixScrlbr.o 
> tkUnixSelect.o tkUnixSend.o tkUnixWm.o tkUnixXId.o  -lpthread  -lX11 -ldl  
> -lpthread -lm -L/gnu/store/69g2cklv99hin2cyvpamxdmxzxlr8l93-tcl-8.6.10/lib 
> -ltclstub8.6   
> -Wl,-rpath,/gnu/store/r4ncs29n5a13dl79afglp2d1f2bmlakh-tk-8.6.10/lib:/gnu/store/69g2cklv99hin2cyvpamxdmxzxlr8l93-tcl-8.6.10/lib
> aarch64-linux-gnu-ld: 
> /gnu/store/69g2cklv99hin2cyvpamxdmxzxlr8l93-tcl-8.6.10/lib/libtclstub8.6.a(strtoul.o):
>  in function `strtoul':
> (.text+0x30): undefined reference to `TclIsSpaceProc'
> aarch64-linux-gnu-ld: hidden symbol `TclIsSpaceProc' isn't 
> defined
> aarch64-linux-gnu-ld: final link failed: bad value
> --8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---
> I opened a ticket on tk bug tracker. Would it be fine to revert tk to
> 8.6.9 version in the meantime?

No objections from me.  Is there a ticket URL available for future

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