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[Outreachy GSoC] 2020 round

From: Gábor Boskovits
Subject: [Outreachy GSoC] 2020 round
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2019 22:23:37 +0100


Applications for the May to August 2020 round will open on January 22 16:00 UTC.

As far as I know prospective applicants for Outreachy should file
their initial application well before the projects are announced.

Also, I believe we have four proposals two of them in great shape from
the previous round:
1. Guix Data Service internationalization support
2. netlink wrapper in guile, and a better static networking service for guix

There were also two ideas:
1. Exporting metrics from cuirass and the guix daemon for monitoring,
and for possible use by the data service.
2. Guix installer accessibility improvements.

According to the GSoC timeline:
Mentoring organizations begin on Jan. 14. 19:00 UTC.
And the mentoring organization application deadline is: Feb. 5. 19:00 UTC.

As earlier, Guix intends to participate under the GNU umbrella.

We have this GSoC ideas page:

Could someone help me clarify what project ideas are still alive and
have a prospective mentor?

Also is there any other idea we should take into consideration? Or
should we move any of the proposals between the internships?

Best regards,
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