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Re: Packaging Jami progress

From: Jan Wielkiewicz
Subject: Re: Packaging Jami progress
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 2019 00:28:15 +0100

Dnia 2019-12-15, o godz. 22:46:06
Ricardo Wurmus <address@hidden> napisał(a):

> The test appears to compare the hash of this file with the hash of a
> known good file.  What are the contents?  Can we adjust the test to
> test for what is actually of interest here?
> Otherwise it should be fine to disable it.

Okay, I haven't got any answer from the devs so far and I'm looking for
a way of disabling only the test that fails.
I tried to use substitute* to remove 
"include $(SRC_PATH)/tests/fate/lavf-container.mak"
from the tests/Makefile, but it didn't work (don't know why) and tried
MOV)                += mov mov_rtphint ismv" 
"fate-lavf-mov_rtphint: CMD = lavf_container "" "-movflags +rtphint
-c:a pcm_alaw -c:v mpeg4 -threads 1 -f mov""
from the "tests/fate/lavf-container.mak" file.

The fragment of code I wrote looks like this:

(add-before 'check 'skip-test
  (lambda _
    (substitute* "tests/Makefile"
        (("include $(SRC_PATH)/tests/fate/lavf-container.mak")
                        "")) #t))

I also made the git checkout writeable.
Am I doing something wrong? Should I try deleting the test using
snippet or just skip all tests using #:tests? #f?

Jan Wielkiewicz

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