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Re: bug#22883: Authenticating Git checkouts: step #1

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: Re: bug#22883: Authenticating Git checkouts: step #1
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2019 21:47:10 +0100
User-agent: mu4e 1.2.0; emacs 26.3

Hi Ludo,

> I’ve now committed this file:
>   b3011dbbd2 doc: Mention "make authenticate".
>   787766ed1e git-authenticate: Keep a local cache of previously-authenticated 
> commits.
>   785af04a75 git: 'commit-difference' takes a list of excluded commits.
>   1e43ab2c03 Add 'build-aux/git-authenticate.scm'.
> Commit 787766ed1e takes care of caching (one of the limitations I
> mentioned in my previous message).
> Commit b3011dbbd2 adds instructions for contributors on how to
> authenticate a checkout (copied below).  It’s a bit bumpy so I would
> very much welcome feedback and suggestions on how to improve this!

This is great!

Thank you for the instructions.  I thought I had all keys, but
apparently at least one of them is missing.  “make authenticate” fails
for me with this error:

Throw to key `srfi-34' with args `(#<condition &message [message: "could not 
authenticate commit b291c9570d5a27b11472df3df61cef9ed012241b: key 
B943509D633E80DD27FC4EED634A8DFFD3F631DF is missing"] 7f70fb08c240>)'.

I previously downloaded the gpg keyring from Savannah:

Looks like Hartmut used to use a different key, which I don’t have.


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