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Re: Packaging Jami progress

From: Jan Wielkiewicz
Subject: Re: Packaging Jami progress
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2019 22:46:39 +0100

Dnia 2019-12-27, o godz. 21:32:10
Gábor Boskovits <address@hidden> napisał(a):

> Hello Jan,
> Thanks for working on this.
Jami is really painful to package :D
> You should look for packages with debug output. That is the way the
> debugging symbol files are generated
> for a package. Currently not too many packages define it, but from an
> example you can easily find out how to
> include that into the interesting package. You can find further
> infomation here:
Tried adding some configure flags for enabling debugging, but it seems
it's not the cause.

But there's a comment, I guess Pierre left, showing a similar error:
;; TODO: We must wrap ring-client-gnome to force using the
;; `sqlite-with-column-metadata' package instead of `sqlite' or else it
;; fails with:
;;   /gnu/store/...-qtbase-5.11.2/lib/qt5/plugins/sqldrivers/
;;   undefined symbol: sqlite3_column_table_name16
;; qtbase is built against sqlite-with-column-metadata but somehow
;; jami-client-gnome ends up with both `sqlite' and
;; `sqlite-with-column-metadata' as inputs and it seems that
;; gets confused.

I have no idea what does it means though. Could someone explain to me
what needs to be done in *simple language* please?

> Best regards,
> g_bor

Jan Wielkiewicz

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