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System monitoring

From: Pjotr Prins
Subject: System monitoring
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 2019 11:03:17 -0600
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I was looking to deploy Nagios on our servers, but I am discouraged by
its architecture. I would like something minimalistic that can run
anywhere (including small routers).

System monitoring has a number of important components, but they could
all be simple and written in guile:

  1. a (small) monitoring daemon (say for monitoring a web end point,
     temperature or disk space)

  These would be run by shepherd and submit events to a message queue
  somewhere on the monitoring server (2)

  2. queue handler

  The queue handler sits on the monitoring server and drops messages
  into a database

  3. notification handler(s)

  Reads the database and sends out alerts

  4. curses and web-based monitors

  These tools just fetch data from the database and handle aggregation

I envisage rather simple tooling. 

I am raising this here to see if anyone has come up with similar or
partial solution(s). And to see who would be interested in such a

How do we monitor the Guix servers right now?


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