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Re: FOSDEM + Guix Days approaching!

From: Bengt Richter
Subject: Re: FOSDEM + Guix Days approaching!
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 2020 10:28:09 -0800
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Hi Pjotr,
(who kindly added me to the list of 40),

This is to announce publically that my slot will be available,
as I sadly will be unable to attend.

I hope this is early enough that it will not go to waste.

On +2020-01-03 12:10:54 +0100, Ludovic Courtès wrote:
> Hello Guix!
> The Guix Days and FOSDEM are approaching!  For FOSDEM, these are the
> Guix talks I know of:
>   • “Sharing Reproducible Results in a Container” (Efraim),
>     <>
>   • “Towards reproducible Jupyter notebooks” (myself),
>     <>
>   • “GNU Guix as an alternative to the Yocto Project” (Mathieu),
>     <>
>   • “Universal package & service discovery with Guix” (Pierre),
>     <>
>   • “Introduction to G-Expressions” (Chris Marusich),
>     <>
>   • “Lisp everywhere!” (Pjotr),
>     <>
>   • “GNU Mes, Scheme-only bootstrap and beyond” (janneke),
>     <>
>   • “Guix: Unifying provisioning, deployment, and package management in
>     the age of containers” (myself):
>     <>
>   • “Celebrating Guile 2020” (Andy; not strictly Guix but noteworthy!),
>     <>
> Woow, exciting program!  Are there others I’m missing?
> Pjotr, Manolis: would you like to prepare a post similar to
> <> as Markdown
> like
> <>?
> If we publish it soon, that may give an opportunity to those who haven’t
> made plans yet to join the Guix Days.

See my top-post (sorry) snippet: my slot of the 40 is now available!

> Cheers,
> Ludo’.

This looks like such a great program, and I am really sorry to miss out ;-/

My main laptop is dying, effectively only runnable until the fan starts 
(noisily still,
after a horrendous vibration while a powerful fan went like a stump chipper 
at something. The internet says I am not alone). Plus it's showing signs (again)
of battery swelling, and no warrany fix this time.

So I have ordered a Purism librem13v4 which will come next week ;-)

I hope to run guix on it, so if anyone else is running PureOS on a librem,
I would appreciate any tips getting a robust setup going.

Have fun a Guix-Days!

Bengt Richter

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