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Hacking ideas from the Reproducible Builds Summit

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Hacking ideas from the Reproducible Builds Summit
Date: Tue, 07 Jan 2020 16:40:31 +0100
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Hello Guix!

I had taken note of some of the good ideas that were discussed at the
R-B Summit last month.  It’s very rough but I figured it can be useful
to share and might lead people to hack or to further brainstorm!

#+TITLE: Reproducible Build Summit V (2019)

* reproducible builds

** TODO implement the “k out of n” policy in ‘guix substitute’

   - could read /etc/guix/policy.scm

** TODO add name tags to keys in /etc/guix/acl

** TODO make it easy to run CI

   - “guix ci -C channel.scm -m manifest.scm”

** TODO allow for “guix publish” publishing narinfos without any ‘URL’ field

   - to sign and publish hashes, without wasting bandwidth on nars

** TODO support IPFS in ‘guix publish’ and ‘guix substitute’


** TODO narinfo signatures only on the required fields

   - see %mandatory-fields in (guix scripts substitute)

** TODO keep narinfo signatures in the store database

   - check what Nix does

** TODO have ‘guix challenge’ automatically do “guix build --check” if needed 

* bootstrapping

** TODO use fixed-output derivations for “tar xf” like “guile-bootstrap” (?)

This would avoid complex dependencies on tar, xz, etc. in (gnu packages
bootstrap) & co.

** DONE create an <operating-system> where PID 1 spawns a build of the package 
   - State "DONE"       from "TODO"       [2019-12-07 Sat 13:09]

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