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Re: Package request: OpenRA

From: pkill9
Subject: Re: Package request: OpenRA
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2020 23:12:52 +0000 (GMT)

Hi Pierre,

> We don't have OpenRA (
> Has anyone worked on it?
> Otherwise I'll go ahead.
> Any tip, any special wish?

I have a working package (last tested a while ago, some third party hashes 
would need updaring, and there may be new build failures, but i played it in 
the past) in my repository at,
 however the third party .Net libraries aren't built from source because I 
couldn't get mono to build them from source. I believe Mono is too old on Guix 
to build them.

Another issue to note is that i had to wrap xdg data dirs to point to generated 
mono certificates.

Another issue is that maxmind geoip database is used during build, but the url 
constantly updates and they dont provide previous versions. best solution would 
be patch openra upstream to provide option not to use geoip database, or to 
grab it at runtime.
I don't believe there are any licensing issues with using maxmind's geoip 
database in guix, can't remember though.

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