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Re: Testing the installer

From: Mathieu Othacehe
Subject: Re: Testing the installer
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2020 09:02:26 +0100
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Hello Ludo,

That sounds like a nice idea! I guess we can discuss it more deeply
during Guix Days, but here are a few thoughts:

* Testing from a VM won't cover HW issues with undetected wifi networks
and kmscon rendering issues, but could cover most partitioning issues.

* This kind of client/server protocol would make even easier to
switch to a gtk graphical installer.

* Before the next release, it would be nice to fix the "installer always
fail when restarted" issue than has been bitten lots of people.



Ludovic Courtès writes:

> Hello Guix!
> One of the lessons from the 1.0.0 screw-up was that we should test the
> graphical installer itself:
> I think we should try to do that before the next release; not doing it
> means testing by hand, which also takes a lot of time.
> One idea that I had was that we could change the installer so that it
> listens for connections on some pre-defined Unix-domain socket.  When it
> gets a connection, it would perform a dialog with its client: sent it a
> summary of the current form, wait for its choice, and so on.  The forms
> would thus be unavailable from the keyboard: essentially ‘run-form’
> calls would be replaced by ‘draw-form’ calls in that mode.
> Our test infrastructure would thus connect (from a marionette) to the
> installer and participate in that dialog.  It could even take a QEMU
> screenshot at each step.
> How does that sound?  Am I overlooking things?
> I guess the difficulty will be to represent questions and answers.
> Ludo’.

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