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Re: Rust packaging coordination

From: John Soo
Subject: Re: Rust packaging coordination
Date: Sat, 1 Feb 2020 18:11:15 +0000

Hi Andreas and everyone,

Patches for exa are in #39382

> I have started packaging i3status-rust[1]. This is motivated primarily
> by scratching my own itch, and to become more familiar with Guix
> packaging.

Excellent! Welcome and have fun!

> - The dependency tree includes a portion of Rusts async universe not yet
>   packaged, `rust-futures-0.3` and `rust-tokio-0.2`. Preview versions of
>   the latter are already packaged -- there should probably be an effort
>   to update their reverse dependencies and switch to the "release"
>   versions of those.

I would imagine that the package authors start using the release async soon.
The release of async seemed like a big deal in the rust community.

> - It includes bindings for libpulse (`rust-libpulse-bindings`),
>   inotify (`rust-inotify`), and libdbus (`rust-dbus`).

Oh that's good! Maybe those can go in sooner than i3status-rust.
Smaller batches with the async libraries, dbus and inotify seem pretty
likely to be reused.

> - I've encountered two crates with a not-already-defined license,
>   namely "0BSD" (`maildir` and `mailparse`). I've "faked" it for now with:
>   (define license:bsd-0
>     (license:fsf-free "";
>                       "BSD Zero Clause License"))

I'm not sure what to do for a new license, but that reminds me that
the importer doesn't understand the bsd-2 clause.

Thanks and happy hacking,


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