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Outreachy timeline and status report

From: Gábor Boskovits
Subject: Outreachy timeline and status report
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2020 11:12:46 +0100

The timeline is available here:

Every date refers to 4 p.m. UTC that day.

We kindly request proposals to be available by the 11th of February,
so that it will be possible to promote them on the Outreachy Twitter

Please remind prospective applicants, that the initial application
deadline is the 25th of February.

The contribution period is between March 5, April 7. Please note that
registering a contribution is a mandatory requirement for an applicant
to be selected as an intern.
Reminder to mentors: the contribution period is usually the most busy
period of the mentoring activity, as handling multiple contribution
request at the same time might be necessary.
Including information in patches that they are related to outreachy
might help reviewers to give these some priority. You can use the
--subject-prefix option of git-format-patch for that.

Please do not notify interns about the selection result before the
official announcement, as this is forbidden by Outreachy policy.
Announcement expected at April 27.

Current status:

There are currently two proposals:

2020 May to 2020 August round - GNU Guix - Integration of desktop
environments into GNU Guix

Mentoring: Danny Milosavljevic

You can co-mentor using:


2020 May to 2020 August round - GNU Guix - Create Netlink bindings in Guile

Mentoring: Gábor Boskovits

You can co-mentor using:

You can add new proposals using

Best regards,
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