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Re: Fix installer restart.

From: Mathieu Othacehe
Subject: Re: Fix installer restart.
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2020 11:02:37 +0100
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> Did you make sure that:
>   make check-system TESTS=installed-os
> still passes?

Yup, still working :)

In the meantime, while testing those patches, I noticed that:

* If you edit the final operating-system configuration with a syntax
error, start the install, then come back to the final page, your changes
are lost. But I'm not sure we can do much about it.

* If you open a TTY4 during "guix init" is running on TTY1, then the
command fails, the cow-store umount will fail because the bash started
in TTY4 will keep the overlay busy. This is a corner-case but it will
happen. Maybe I should check for all processed using the store overlay
and kill them before umounting?

> I’d recommend using ‘match’ rather than ‘case’, because ‘case’ silently
> returns *unspecified* when it fails to match the value.


> PS: I’m still looking at the installer tests we discussed before FOSDEM,
>     but life got in the way so progress is slow!

Hehe, same for all of us :)

Anyway, I'll push soon, thanks for the fast review!


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