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Re: containerd fails to build

From: Jack Hill
Subject: Re: containerd fails to build
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2020 14:07:24 -0500 (EST)
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On Thu, 13 Feb 2020, Tanguy Le Carrour wrote:

Hi Guix!

containerd fails to build on my system! :-(

[content elided]

starting phase `check'
flag provided but not defined: -test.testlogfile
Usage of 
 -address string
        The address to the containerd socket for use in the tests (default 
        Do not run the checkpoint tests
        Do not start a dedicated daemon for the tests
        enable tests that require root
FAIL        0.004s
command "go" "test" "" failed with status 1

Any idea?!

Oops, sorry about that. this is realated to the Go 1.13 upgrade and an change in how the test module works. I've submitted a patch to fix it for the containerd 1.2.5:

It seems the latest containerd release, 1.3.2, does not support go 1.13 either, but is has landed in unreleased containerd.


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