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Guix Data Services: whishlist about SWH

From: zimoun
Subject: Guix Data Services: whishlist about SWH
Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2020 17:05:08 +0100


Recently, the source of package was missing and so "guix time-machine"
was broken [1]. It is not the first time that it appears [2]; patches
are coming... :-)

Using the Software Heritage (SWH) API [3], does it seems a good idea
to add SWH coverage somewhere in the Guix Data Services?

I do not remember where the Reproducibility chart is located, but a
chart there could be added, telling how many packages are already
archived in SWH and how many not yet.

And for example, on the webpage about the history of the package [4],
some information about SWH could be added.

What do you think?


(Note that on [4] the version 2.4.0 which is the culprit is not shown,
is it expected?)

All the best,

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