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Re: Port Guix to my Apple Aluminum PowerBook G4

From: Scott C. MacCallum
Subject: Re: Port Guix to my Apple Aluminum PowerBook G4
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2020 11:35:37 +0000

Wow! Great work.

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On Feb 17, 2020, 2:07 AM, Efraim Flashner < address@hidden> wrote:

I've done a bit of work on the port and my two branches live here¹ and here². On master I get as far as gcc-cross-boot0. Core-updates does much better, getting to glibc-intermediate, where it fails to build since it says it can't find nptl. Searching the Guix tree I see that there's some references to nptl in (gnu packages commencement) and in a glibc-2.29-git-updates.patch, so I'll take a look at that. ¹ ² -- Efraim Flashner אפרים פלשנר GPG key = A28B F40C 3E55 1372 662D 14F7 41AA E7DC CA3D 8351 Confidentiality cannot be guaranteed on emails sent or received unencrypted
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