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Re: Racket packages: formerly Move DrRacket to a separate output?

From: Dimakakos Dimos
Subject: Re: Racket packages: formerly Move DrRacket to a separate output?
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2020 21:55:22 +0200
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Pierre Neidhardt writes:

> I've (finally) pushed racket-minimal.
> Hooray!
> Now to the Racket importer... Anyone?
> Dimakakos? :)

Nice! It will be very useful. I've put some research into a build system
for racket, and sadly it isn't trivial to match the racket package
system to guix.

There is a lot of state handling in racket specific files, since every
package is indexed by linking the specific folder of a package. Right
now I'm creating these files ad-hoc but it doens't seem the best
approach, since racket is really slow searching for the dependencies in
many folders. At the same time, racket tries sometims to rebuild
packages that are passed as inputs. There are also circular dependencies
and other stuff that need to be ironed out.

I'm also talking with the creator of racket2nix, a similar project for
nix and he had the same problems, so we discussed about working for a
solution for both package managers.

So in conclusion, I don't have a specific roadmap, but I'm still working
on it.

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