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Re: branch master updated (0aa0e1f -> 9b7f9e6)

From: zimoun
Subject: Re: branch master updated (0aa0e1f -> 9b7f9e6)
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2020 00:00:41 +0100

Hi Ludo,

On Mon, 24 Feb 2020 at 21:34, Ludovic Courtès <address@hidden> wrote:

> >> Forgive me if I missed the discussion, but I thought we had reached
> >> rough consensus in favor of the status quo.  What happened?
> >
> > I do not know if we had reached a consensus. :-)
> More accurately, I think there was no consensus around the proposed

Ah sorry, I have not read "rough consensus in favor of the status quo"
as meaning "no consensus" (what I was suggesting :-)).

> changes.  Ricardo and I argued in favor of honoring ‘INSIDE_EMACS’ and
> disabling colors when it is set.

I disagree, that's why the consensus is not reached. As I explained
elsewhere, there is different issues and Emacs is not the main part of
the story.

> In terms of process, I think it’s a case where we should make sure the
> people involved in the discussion can come to an agreement before going
> further (info "(guix) Commit Access").

I agree.
The small diff that I sent here [1] is not even a commit but a fix
that I shared because I was annoyed by the current behaviour.

Speaking about process, I commented one patch [2] but all the comments
are not included (e.g., '(when (not' is ugly and should be replaced by
'unless' as you suggested [3]).
But again, speaking about process, the patches have been announced on
guix-devel [4] in the relative thread.


> > The other issue is "that the OSC is not always supported and some
> > terminal emulators are not doing the correct thing. For example EShell
> > or (incorrectly build) Mate of Trisquel. Therefore, instead of
> > displaying this special character, just print the full path of the
> > generation file and the commit url." [5]. And this is not related to
> > Emacs and/or INSIDE_EMACS but related to the support of the OSC by the
> > terminal emulator. And the highlighting is another topic.
> As I wrote elsewhere, we avoid working around terminal bugs in Guix
> itself.  In this case, the bugs are in an old VTE version and about to
> be fixed in Eshell, both of which are good reasons not to try to paper
> over it in Guix.

I disagree. Not about the terminal bugs and where they have to be
fixed, I obviously agree on that.

I disagree on displaying the hyperlink in plain text. I am using xterm
and it does the correct thing about OSC and coloring. But I was not
aware that 'Generation' and 'commit' were hyperlinks and I was
suggesting a rename to NO_SUPPORT_HYPERLINK here [5], "long" before
the patches. :-)


> > Well, from my understanding, the question was about the name of this
> > variable "INSIDE_EMACS" to replace the OSC by the full path and
> > how/where to document it, see Pierre's message [6] but then Ricardo
> > answered [7]: "we should not document it in Guix, nor should we rename
> >
> > Maybe the misunderstanding comes from there.
> I see reluctance to the proposed changes in
> <> (I
> agree with Ricardo’s concerns).

I disagree because the answer is only about Emacs. My concern was
about enabling/disabling OSC/coloring for any terminal emulator.
That's why I suggested NO_SUPPORT_HYPERLINK or whatever else name.

> To me, that suggests at least that further discussion would have been
> needed before pushing these three commits.

I agree.

> What should we do now?

I am fine with reverting for more discussions and/or polishing.


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